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Nanhi Episode 2 Geo TV

Nanhi Episode 2 Geo TV

Watch Nanhi Episode 2 Drama Geo TV

Nanhi plot revolves all-around a girl named Nanhi who has been carried up by a lady named Aunty Shamoo who by occupation steals others children and trades for income. Nanhi is not her real daughter and was the first one to be kidnapped. Nanhi now wants a child of her own and is weary of taking care of other people’s little ones temporarily. Who will this girl Nanhi get wedded to? What will be her future?

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Timings: Every Monday at 8:00 pm

  • Written By: Mona Haseeb
  • Directed By: Haseeb Hassan
  • Project Head: Iqbal Ansari
  • Cast: Sajjal Ali, Shahood Alvi, Asma Abbas, Javaid Sheikh

Episode2 Part 2

Episode2 Part 3

Episode2 Part 4


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